“When it comes to an athletic event, Silence is not Golden, Don’t be afraid to do it right”

Announcers on the Run provides endurance sports Announcing. Swim, Bike or Run it doesn't matter. We have years of experience and are a participant in these sports as well.

Why Announcers on the Run?

Event day reasons
* We know the sports as athletes & managers
* We can help you meet your time lines.
* We are the event's voice to your athletes & volunteers
* We have the equipment to do the job right and provide our own serious professional sound reinforcement gear to cover all areas of your venue.

Liven up your:
Pre event – Expo - Start - Finish - Course
Transitions - Post event – Awards

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Extra promotion for your event!

We have 6500 friends on Facebook of which a majority are in the geographic are we normally serve. We can make some timely promotional posts and we often make an after event post telling about the winners and perhaps some interesting item at our event.







Our Race Announcers

The cost to have Announcers on the Run
at your event varies depending on:

* The time allocation. Participant distance is not always indicative of the time we may have to spend relative to your event.

* The number and complexity of sound systems required or systems that must be moved during the event. Unlike most sound companies we don't just provide one big system and try to blast the sound everywhere from a central place.

* Some events require more than one announcer [or assistant] to properly cover separated portions of the event. IE pre/post event areas different from starts and finishes.

* At times if more than 1 hour travel is required or the event has a very early start or very late finish then the event must provide hotel lodging in addition to the announcing fee.

We are generally 80% booked a year in advanced, so contact us early to guarantee a booking. Our schedule does change from time to time so contact us even if it is close-in to your event date.


Boston Marathon
Philadelphia Marathon
Colorado Colfax Marathon
Baystate Marathon
Loco Running
Millenium Running
Fattman Productions
Pursuit Racing
GiddyUp Productions
Split-Time Race Mgmt

Mt Washington
Beach To Beacon
Lobsterman Triathlon
Pumpkinman Triathlon
Cigna/Eliot 5K
New Bedford Half
Big Lake Half
Timberman Triathlon
Mooseman Triathlon
Yankee Timing